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Lighten Up Already!

Lighten Up Already

Ok, so today I just did a launch for a series of free training videos I am putting out this week.

Being that I really wanted to get the attention of my readers and make a very important point, my headline was a bit controversial.

I actually toned it down compared to what my original subject line was.

Here is the headline: “Your Website Is Awful!”

You would not believe the rush of replies I got back on this.

I ticked off a LOT of people with the headline.

Now, if they actually read the rest of the email they would have understood exactly what I meant. It was actually a warning, not an insult.

But WOW the flames came in.

So why are people always so quick to get insulted so easy? It’s not that big. It’s an email for crying out loud.

I actually find it really funny.

I think we all take things way to seriously. We need to lighten up a bit. Have some fun. And take constructive criticism with a grain of salt.

Even if it’s “Awful”

P.S. If care you are curious, here’s the actual page for the link I sent out.

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