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Never Give Up

So many businesses and sales people give up on marketing to prospects way too early in the game.

Here’s a phrase I tell people all the time:

“People buy when they want to buy, not when you want them to buy”

Plain and simple, people buy on their own terms and not when you want to sell to them. More and more people are also starting to take their time buying new things. They have been hustled before and don’t want to make a rash decision without thinking about it first.

The key is to follow up and build trust with them.

If you haven’t had traditional sales training, it’s been said that it takes between 6 and 12 contacts with a prospect before they know who you are, what you offer, and that it is the right fit for them.

This is where most sales go wrong.

Most sales people never even bother to follow up at all after the 4th contact.

\As a matter of fact, most give up after the second try.

This is where you can really stick out and stand out from the crowd.

When you are working with a prospect, be sure to put them in a follow up system.

And this is the important part…

Your follow up system should be about building trust, not just selling.

Send them links to education articles or videos.

Send them info about events that might help them out.

Build the trust along with keeping the top of mind awareness that you need to build.

The great thing about this, is that you not only build the trust with them, they may not be ready to buy but their friend might and you’ll be the first person they think of if you do it right.

I know for me personally, I’ve had clients come back to me a year after I first spoke with them because of the follow up I did. They weren’t ready to buy at first but a year later, they remembered me and how I was there to help them along the way.

Once they were ready… they didn’t even think about working with someone else. They came to me right away.

Are You Unstoppable?

A few years ago Cindy and I were told by a friend of ours that we NEEDED to go to some seminar. We didn’t know much about it but she told us that the experience was amazing and that we had to go. No questions, just trust her.

Well I can say that it was well worth it and I learned one powerful lesson that I want to share with you today.

It’s about becoming unstoppable.

So the seminar was called “Turning Point” with Marshall Sylver. He’s a hypnotist turned personal development guy. Ton of fun and in the two days he shared a ton of great stuff to help change my mindset.

The one thing that got me more than anything was towards the end of the event.

We actually ate fire. Yes, Cindy and I both did it. You can watch the video here: