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3 Things To Keep You From Throwing In The Towel As An Entrepreneur

  • January 19, 2014
  • / By Ely

3 Things To Keep You From Throwing In The Towel As An entrepreneurI was listening to a podcast with one of my mentors, Joe Polish, & Dan Sullivan (another true Rockstar) the other day and they brought up a point that ran very true with me.

We all get stuck at times and things don’t seem to go right.

Dan & Joe’s conversation was about the thought that if you knew it was going to be this hard when you first started you’d not likely have ever become entrepreneurs.

This is true of so many of us. I know for me there have been days that I wonder why I even started.

Here’s 3 things that I do when I start to get stuck that helps me keep the drive going and reminds me of why being an entrepreneur is what I’m meant to do…

Stop and write out WHY you do what you do
Don’t just think about it. There’s something powerful about writing it out. It helps you not only remember why you started your business but rekindles the excitement you had.

I remember when I first was introduced to personal development. It was the first time I had been told to start a journal and to write “as if”. In other words. Write out your perfect day. What does your business look like? How much money is it making? What kinds of clients are you working with and helping? What results are they getting by you helping them?

When I started this journal, my business started growing at lightning speed. In fact, it tripled in under 6 months.

Think about the results you want. What does your perfect business look like? How are adding value?

By writing all this stuff out from the future mindset (what it will look like after you’ve already achieved it) you’re programming your mind to accept it like that. You’re also activating your Reticular Activating System (RAS).

RAS is the part of your brain that causes top of mind awareness.

Ever see a new car that you just love and then the int he next week you see a that model of car all over? The cars were there all the time but once you made it top of mind, your brain started keeping on the lookout for that type of car.

Same thing in for your business. Once you set your mind to look for your perfect clients, perfect location, perfect employee, etc, it’s like a radar searching for those things. It’s much easier to find something once you know what you’re looking for.

Go back and read testimonials from clients
The other day I was going through some Linked-In stuff and saw my recommendations on Linked-In These are the actual testimonials people have given me about my coaching, teaching, live presentations, courses, etc.

I’ll tell you that reading those testimonials really helped me appreciate all that I’ve done and who I’ve been able to help. It got me excited again about what I do and why I’m on this planet!

Read some of of the greats
Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, etc. Pick your icon and you’ll see that they all have had huge setbacks, failures, frustrations and pitfalls.

And every one of them made it through to to result in greatness.
I try to keep this in mind every time I start to get down about my business. Just about the time I think it’s time to give up, something reminds me that no amount of greatness has ever been achieved without intense amounts of hard work and struggle. That’s just life!

With persistence and drive, we all come out on the other end creating massive results.

Watch documentaries of successful people.
Listen to audio programs by them and read their books.

I personally read at least one book about mindset and success per month. It reminds me that we all have struggle and run into pitfalls.

The people you look up to were where at one time where you are now.

These three things have helped me for years to keep in the positive and push me through when things start getting tough.

I believe we’re all here to for a purpose on this Earth. For those of us that become entrepreneurs, it’s to create something and add value to the world in some way.

The next time you get stuck, remember that you’re here for a reason and that you’re not alone. We’re all here for you!

Photo Credit: Michal Koralewski

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