Think Big Or Get Out Of My Way!

So I just finished a great Interview with Kim Babjak from Kim Co. and I have to tell you that it was just amazing. When we were discussing what topic we wanted to do for the call we decided on Thinking Big. With everything going on and the current state of the business community, I […]

What’s your Daily 4?

When it comes to task lists, most people create a list as long as a grocery list with the idea that they are going to get everything completed in one day. Adding 10-20 things to your daily list just doesn’t work. How many things do you add to your list every day? Do you even […]

Today Matters!

So I just started reading a new book. Today matters by John C. Maxwell. I’ve barely started and already love it. The overall concept is that the only thing that matters is today. Yesterday is over so you can’t do anything about what happened then except learn from it. And… You can’t count on tomorrow. […]

New Year Resolutions

As we are getting close to the end of the year I know that everyone will be thinking about one thing. New Year’s Resolutions. I find that resolutions are a funny thing. People start slowing down at the end of the year towards the holidays and not really focusing on their business until AFTER January […]

Oh, Shiny! Where’s Your Focus?

Ok, so this blog has been sitting there for a while and I haven’t taken time to actually do anything with it. Why? Well this post pretty much sums it all up. So as we’re getting ready to close out the year, I stopped and took stock on what we’ve accomplished this year. Talk about […]