What energizes you?

Just last night, a friend of mine Jill Schiefelbein posted a simple question online…
“The last time I gave a presentation I felt ______________?”

It’s A Jungle In There

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a great book I’ve read (even though I’ve read a lot lately) so I thought it was time to share one that I’m enjoying right now. I just picked it up a couple of days ago and as usual, I got it because the cover intrigued me.

Black cover with a Gorilla in a tie. Of course that’s going to catch my attention!
Gotta love great covers.

Just In Time Learning

We all get swamped with all the overwhelm of information that comes at us from day to day.

With Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, news feeds, YouTube videos, new training curses, seminars, webinars, and about 1000 more things it’s hard to keep up worth actually getting anything done.

What’s Your Why?

Why do you do what you do? I ask that question all the time and it still amazes me when I hear responses to that one simple question.

Why Attention To Details REALLY Matters

Why Attention To Details REALLY Matters

How many times have you just skimmed over something and didn’t do a great job of responding to a potential prospect, clients, referral partner or your boss?

Don’t half do anything. To it 100%.

If you’re not willing to do it right, then you can’t expect to get much out of others.